Sentinel2.compute_SITS(S2dir, out_SITS, resample_CSV=False, interpolation='linear', unzip=False, out_cloud_mask=False, check_outlier=False, use_flatreflectance=True, n_jobs=1, ram=4000)[source]

Compute Satellite Image Time Series from Sentinel2 level 2A. This script has only been tested on Theia distributed images.

  • S2Dir (Directory) – Directory where zip files from THEIA L2A are unzipped, or zipped.

  • out_SITS (Output raster) – Output name of your raster (tif format, int16)

  • resample_20mbands (boolean, default True) – If True, resample the six 20m band at 10m. If False, use only the four 10m bands.

  • interpolation (str, default 'linear') – Two choices : ‘linear’ or ‘spline’

  • unzip (Bool, default False.) – If True, unzip only mandatory images, plus xml and jpg thumbnails.

  • out_cloud_mask (False or str.) – If False, cloud mask won’t be saved. Else, path of the output raster file.

  • check_outliers (bool, default True.) – If True, check outliers (values below 0 in red band are considered as invalid).

  • ; boolean (use_flatreflectance) – If False, ou Surface Reflectance (SRE)

  • True (default) – If False, ou Surface Reflectance (SRE)

  • n_jobs (int, default 1.) – Number of cores used.

  • ram (int, default 2048) – Available ram in mb.