Sentinel2.generate_temporal_sampling(start_date=False, last_date=False, day_interval=5, save_csv=False)[source]

Generate sample time for gap-filling of Time Series

  • S2_dir (str) – path of the folder where zip or unzipped S2 tiles are.

  • start_date (False str or int, default false.) – If str or int, use %Y%m%d format, e.g. ‘20180130’.

  • end_date (False, str or int, default False.) – If str or int, use %Y%m%d format, e.g. ‘20181230’.

  • day_interval (int, default 5) – The delta days interval from the first acquistion to the last

  • save_csv (False or str, default False) – If str, path where the csv file will be saved.